Childs first puzzle

35.00 EUR
Childs first puzzle
Childs first puzzle 2
Childs first puzzle 3
Childs first puzzle 4
Childs first puzzle
Childs first puzzle 2
Childs first puzzle 3
Childs first puzzle 4

This is a set of 24 hand painted peaces, that together makes 12, unique puzzles. 

One side of them is painted in one color (each puzzle in different color), on the other is a beautiful picture. 

Along with the puzzle's, in the nice fabric bag, comes supporting friend - caterpillar. He will watch (and maybe even help) a kid in his work.

Why the one-colored side? So we could start working with it sooner. 

At first we are using only few of puzzles and slowly adding more and more, so child wouldn't get confused. So, while we are training our systematization skills and coordination, lets use the one colored side. Finding similar colors and fitting the peaces together - that's the challenge for coordination and systematization, reworded with surprise, when the puzzle is turned around and - wola, what a beautiful picture we found. And what is it? do we have it at home? Make the conversation about it. 

And a little bit later, lets train logical thinking and coordination by finding and fitting pictures with multi-colored side up. As figures are completely different from each other, the task is challenging, but not confusing. 

The pictures, that child has to make, are:
- tractor
- auto
- bucket
- watering can 
- tea pot
- tea cup
- flower
- apple
- pear 
- book
- guitar 
- pencils

The game is specialized to develop logical thinking, combination skills, coordination and color learning. Aside of strengthen knowledge's of basic colors, child comes across the pink, orange, purple, light blue, violet, salad green and others.

All puzzles are hand-painted, so every set is unique peace of art, that will develop kids aesthetics sense as well. 

Also, all colors are ecological.